Track, analyse and share your social & sales data.

Monitor your stats from around the web, view analytics in Tolta, and embed live counters on any website.

Tolta dashboard screenshot

Data from all over, in one place

Tolta currently tracks data from eight platforms.
More are on the way, including Patreon, ConvertKit, EmailOctopus, Twitch, Simplecast and Revue.


  • Followers
  • Views


  • Followers


  • MRR
  • ARR
  • ARPU
  • MRR churn
  • Customers


  • Product sales
  • Product revenue
  • Account sales
  • Account revenue


  • MRR
  • ARR
  • ARPU
  • Subscriptions


  • Total members
  • Free members
  • Paying members
  • MRR


  • Followers

Key features

Tolta tracks your stats, generates custom analytics, and enables displaying live counters across the web.

Monitor all of your stats in a single place

In Tolta, you can see all of your data, from multiple sources, in a single dashboard. With a glance you can see how all of your numbers are doing.

Track change and growth over time

Tolta tracks your figures over time, creating histories and analytics that, in some instances, you can't get anywhere else. Browse with charts and understand with time-based insights.

Get an overview of your counters, delivered daily

A daily email digest keeps you updated with the latest figures and insights, right in your inbox.

Set automated milestone alert emails

Get notified by email when you hit different targets, like every 1,000 followers or every 100,000 views.
Coming soon.

Place your counters on any web page

Each counter gets a copy-and-paste HTML snippet that you can put on any website (your blog, an online shop, a Notion document etc.)

Access your counters from anywhere using the API

With API access you can show and use your counters and Tolta-generated analytics in other places and applications.
Coming soon.

Create Mac and iOS widgets with Scriptable

Use our pre-written Scriptable script to easily create custom iOS and Mac widgets. (Requires API access)
Coming soon.


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  • One counter
  • Unlimited counter embeds
  • Simple in-app analytics


or $126/year 3 months free

  • Up to 10 counters
  • Unlimited counter embeds
  • Simple in-app analytics
  • Simple email digests
  • Milestone email alerts


or $261/year 3 months free

  • Up to 20 counters
  • Unlimited counter embeds
  • Detailed in-app analytics
  • Detailed email digests
  • Milestone email alerts
  • API access

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